• Jasmine Holly Bullock

Fantasically Great Women Who Changed the World

Read it with your daughters, read it with your sons, read it with everyone because it’s never a bad time to learn about some HERstory!

'Make life a big adventure!' - Kate Pankhurst

This book outlines the stories of 13 admirable women and young girls who made their mark in history by simply being their brave and adventurous selves. These women changed the world in their own ways, some by making scientific discoveries and some by teaching others about kindness.

Interestingly, after doing some research on the author, I found out that she is distantly related to Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst (who just so happens to be one of the women featured in this book)! Kate Pankhurst has illustrated this book beautifully, with vibrant colours and arrows on each page to show the journeys of the women mentioned. Two-page spreads are themed around each individual woman, Marie Curie’s pages are in a glowing radioactive green colour and Frida Khalo’s pages are filled with cacti and images of her paintings.

The way the information is presented makes this book super accessible and fun for children to explore and learn something valuable about some facinating people from. There are girls in this book that are very famous, such as Coco Chanel, and then there are those that not all of us are familiar but should definitely know about, women like Mary Anning who was the first female palaeontologist (someone who studies fossils). Rock on! Get it?

There is no doubt that any little girls who read this will realise that they are just as capable of achieving amazing things in life. A fantastically great read for International Women’s Day!

Age Rating: 6+

5 out of 5*

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