• Jasmine Holly Bullock

Love Your Body : Children's Book Review

Love Your Body is a really good introduction to body positivity for children, particularly young girls as it is aimed towards them although I think some elements are also great for young boys. Love Your Body is a now one of my absolute favourite children’s book. It is more of an informative style book rather than a story book, nevertheless it is a must-read that is sure to educate as well as amaze.

I am grateful to Jessica Sanders for having written a book that explores themes of body image, puberty and self-love; these are all things that all people should learn about and I say the younger the better! It is so important to be told that every body is a good body, and that bodies are not there for the purpose of 'looking nice' but to help us get about, keep us safe and allow us to do incredible things. I wish this book was around when I was a kid; I think it will be helpful and eye-opening to any child who reads it (and any adult!).

Everything about this book is incredible but I will give a special mention to the illustrations by Carol Rossetti. These illustrations are so incredibly diverse when it comes to the bodies it shows. You see all of it: cellulite, stretch marks, body hair, large bodies, small bodies, differently abled bodies. Unlike a lot of books in general, as well as media representations, this book is so wonderfully inclusive, every young girl should be able to find someone she identifies with in this book.


RATING: ★★★★★



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