• Jasmine Holly Bullock

Power to the Princess

What if Princesses didn't always marry Prince Charming and live happily every after?

What if princesses decided to pursue careers in stand-up comedy? Or decided to become brilliant detectives?

This brilliant book reimagines 15 of the most famous princess fairytales like Cinderella and The Princess and the Pea. However, these princesses aren't saved by any knights in shining armour; instead they use their own wits and talents to achieve success and overcome their hardships.

Even adults would enjoy reading Power to the Princess, because of the familiarity and nostalgia associated with these childhood classics... it's great to get to meet Snow White 2.0 and rediscover many other princesses.

Vita Murrow's adaptations and Julia Bereciartu's thoughtful illustrations have made these traditional stories more modernised and accessible to a diverse range of lovely powerful girls! Murrow takes into consideration some current and important focuses in society such as self-image, activism, queerness and visibility for the disabled, therefore creating an enjoyable yet thoroughly educational book.

PLUS, the cover of this book is to die for; it is a clothbound hardback and is certainly up to the standards of the most regal of readers.

Age Rating: 8+

5 out of 5*

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