• Jasmine Holly Bullock

The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water

The little crocodile in this story is different from other crocodiles... because he HATES water. All the other crocodile siblings love water and swim club but this little crocodile prefers other activities, like climbing trees. However, he starts to feel very lonely and tries his best to change and be more like his brothers and sisters. So what happens when he finally makes a big splash? Could there be a reason why this little crocodile is so unusual?

'But he didn't want to be alone.'

Gemma Merino’s story is about realising that being different really just means that you’re special. If you aren’t good at doing what everyone else does, it’s because you were born to do something else! This may be a children's book, but it is certain to speak to adults too (speaking from personal experience here) because we all sometimes need to be reminded that it's okay to be yourself.

The drawings provide more to the story that is not explicitly mentioned via the writing, which should be appreciated by any adults or sharp kids reading along. In general, Merino's illustrations are perfectly fitting for this book. You will never see a cuter (and endearingly sort of loser-ish) baby croc than you will in Merino's drawings. I think this is one of my favourite children's books and deserves a read from everyone... and for an adult it will only take approximately 5 minutes to read, so you can manage that. There are many read alongs on YoutTube available too.


Age Rating: 3+

5 out of 5*

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